Pinch of Salt Card

1. How much does it cost to sign up for the card?
Membership is FREE when you dine-in at any Chaswood Resources group of restaurant in Malaysia (with exception of Teh Tarik Place).

2. What are the privileges of getting the ‘Pinch of Salt’ card?
a) Members can enjoy a 10% rebate from subtotal bill. Rebate can only be used in their next transaction.
b) Members will receive one (1) RM30 birthday e-Voucher that will be automatically preloaded into the member’s card on the 1st day of their birth month and is valid throughout their birth month. The RM30 birthday e-Voucher can be used with a minimum spend of RM100 in a single transaction.

3. How does ‘Pinch of Salt’ card work?
Please present your ‘Pinch of Salt’ card during payment so that your transactions are recorded.

4. Can I present two cards to enjoy rebates for 1 transaction?
No, only one card per table, per transaction is allowed.

5. Can I enjoy rebates and redemption during ‘Happy Hour’?
No, rebates and redemptions on ‘Happy Hour’ beverages (e.g. beer, wine & liquor) are not applicable during ‘Happy Hour’. Members can only enjoy rebates and redemptions on food during this period.

6. Can I exchange rebates with cash?
No, rebates are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. For verification purposes, you will be asked to reveal the last 4 digit of your IC number during redemption. Please note that only the owner of the card is allowed to enjoy rebates and redemption.

7. I understand that Pinch of Salt Card does not have an expiry date. However, will the rebates that I collected expire?
Yes, collected rebates will expire at the end of the 12th month membership annual cycle. Please refer to General Terms and Conditions clause 3 under Terms and Conditions page.

8. I lost my Pinch of Salt Card. How can I replace it?
You need to report within 24 hours of lost card by contacting our help desk at +603-77272257 or email: Alternatively, click on the Enquiry below and leave us your details. Lost card due to negligence will be charge RM10.00.

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