Pinch of Salt Card

Participating Outlets

1. T.G.I. Fridays Malaysia

2. Italiannies Malaysia

3. Malones Irish Bar Malaysia

General Terms & Conditions

1. Subject to revision in the future, the application for a Pinch of Salt Card (“POS Card”) is free and it does not have an expiry date for the time being.

2. Each registered member (“Member”) is only entitled to one (1) POS Card per person. It can be used by the Member only and is not transferable.

3. For the purposes of keeping track on the validity period of rebate earned under the POS Card, Members should note that POS Cards shall carry a 12-month annual cycle commencing from the date of application (“Annual Cycle”) and such Annual Cycle will automatically renew for another 12 months unless the POS Card is terminated pursuant to terms and conditions herein. For more details, please refer to the “Terms & Conditions on Rebate Privilege”.

4. The POS Card is not a debit, credit or charge card and shall remain as the property of Chaswood Resources Sdn. Bhd. (“Chaswood”).

5. All employees of Chaswood and its subsidiaries are not eligible to apply and use the POS Card.

6. Unless otherwise stipulated or notified, the POS Card is valid for use at the above-mentioned Participating Outlets (except Teh Tarik Place) located in Malaysia only.

7. Lost or stolen POS Card must be reported within 24 hours via email to: pinchofsalt@chaswood.com.my or by contacting +603 7727 2257. A fee of RM10.00 is chargeable for replacement of each lost, stolen and/or damaged card.

8. Chaswood shall not be liable for any loss or damages suffered by the Members caused by or in connection to the use of, lost or stolen POS Card.

9. Chaswood reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and from time to time as it deems fit at its absolute discretion with or without prior notification to the Members. Any new or amended terms and conditions will supersede the existing Terms and Conditions, where applicable. Continued usage of the POS Card, including but not limited to earning or redeeming Rebates and/or Birthday E-Voucher, by the Member after such amendment(s) of the Terms and Conditions, shall constitute unconditional acceptance to the amendment(s) made. Chaswood shall not be liable for any loss or inconvenience faced by the Members as a result of the amendment(s) of these Terms and Conditions.

10. Chaswood reserves the right to, at any time, vary or terminate the POS Card or any privileges under the POS Card or withdraw the POS card from use with or without prior notification to the Members and without being liable in any way to Members. Chaswood may, at its sole discretion, remove any or all Members from the POS Card program at any time.

11. A Member may at any time terminate his/her membership by returning the POS Card to Chaswood by personal delivery to any Participating Outlets or by way of registered post to Chaswood.

12. Upon revocation, cancellation or termination of the POS Card, all rebates earned or reloaded and E-vouchers but not redeemed and all remainder rebates and E-vouchers under the revoked, cancelled or terminated card will be automatically forfeited and Chaswood will not be liable for any compensation to the Member in relation to the forfeiture.

13. Chaswood (including its successors, assigns, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, affiliates and subsidiaries) and the Participating Outlets shall not be liable to the Members (and the Members agree to waive such rights) or any third party authorized by or claiming through the Members for any loss, damage, cost, expenses, actions, suits, claims and demand whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, of loss of business, revenue of profits or of any nature suffered by the Members or any person for any loss, damage or injury caused or suffered by a person arising from the usage of the POS Card.

14. Chaswood shall hold no liability in the event that any technical failure of the POS Card system that results in the POS Card not being accepted by any Participating Outlet or any Participating Outlet refuses to accept the POS Card for any reason whatsoever.

15. Any dispute regarding the POS Card must be directed to Chaswood within seven (7) days of the said dispute by email to: pinchofsalt@chaswood.com.my or by contacting +603 7727 2257.

16. If any of the provisions herein contained should be invalid, illegal or unenforceable under any applicable law, the legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions should not be affected.

17. Chaswood has the final authority as to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions and as to any other questions or disputes regarding the POS Card.

18. Any notice to be given pursuant to these Terms and Conditions shall be sufficiently sent to the Members by way of notification at the Participating Outlets and/or publication on Chaswood’s official website or the Participating Outlets’ websites.

Terms & Conditions on Rebate Privilege

1. Members must present their Pinch of Salt (“POS”) Card at the point of payment in order to collect rebate for a transaction at the Participating Outlets, failing which rebates will not be credited.

2. Members are entitled to a 10% rebate from the subtotal bill (excluding any tax and service charges) at the Participating Outlets.

3. Any rebate earned by a Member and which have not been used by the Member to redeem any reward will automatically expire and be deducted from the Member’s POS Card upon the expiry of each Annual Cycle. Any unused rebate earned and accumulated will not be carried forward and will be zerorised upon end of each Annual Cycle. There will be no extension period or time frame given for the redemption of any unused and expired rebates. Nevertheless, any rebate earned by a Member within the final month of Annual Cycle will be carried forward to the next Annual Cycle.

4. In addition to the validity period of the rebates as stated above, Chaswood reserves the right to re-configure a different expiry date for different types of rebates that are awarded under specific promotions/campaigns which may have a different validity period as determined by Chaswood from time to time.

5. Rebates utilized for redemption will be deducted from the Member’s POS Card. No rebate will be accorded for all redemption transactions, payment with vouchers and corporate packages. If rebates have been redeemed fraudulently or wrongfully earned, the Member shall be liable to refund to Chaswood the value of the said rebate as determined by the Chaswood.

6. Chaswood reserves the right to refuse the redemption of any rebates or to deduct the balance of a Member’s POS Card in the event of:

i. any rebate is suspected to have been fraudulently recorded;
ii. any rebate has been recorded in error;
iii. any rebate relates to transaction which has been cancelled or where a refund has been given; or
iv. any suspicious circumstances that require further investigation or inquiry.

7. Rebate which can be earned from a Participating Outlet is capped at a total of RM100 per transaction per receipt.

8. Unless otherwise specified, rebate collection and redemption shall not apply during happy hours or with any other promotions, coupons, vouchers, discounts and in-store offers.

9. All rebates collected are not exchangeable for other rewards, not refundable, not replaceable, not redeemable for cash or credit, not transferable under any circumstances; and can only be used by the Member whose name is registered with the POS Card.

10. Rebates accumulated under the POS Card may be cancelled, converted into product or services, or forfeited by Chaswood with or without prior notice and no objection or appeal shall be entertained and the Member shall have no further claims whatsoever in respect of rebates forfeited, converted into product or services, or cancelled for whatever reasons.

Terms & Conditions on Birthday E-Voucher

1. Members will only receive a Birthday E-Voucher if they have registered their POS Card more than 60 days prior to their birthday. Birthday E-Vouchers are issued once every 12 months on the Member's birthday (Members must have entered a valid date of birth in the relevant section of their profile prior to their birthday in order to receive this reward).

2. One (1) Birthday E-Voucher worth RM30 will be automatically credited into the POS Card on the 1st day of the Member’s birthday month which expires 30 days after date of issue. Chaswood reserves the right to alter the value of Birthday E-Voucher at any time as it deems fit at its absolute discretion with or without prior notification.

3. Birthday E-Voucher is only redeemable with a minimum spend of RM100 nett in a single transaction or receipt. Taxes and other charges do not apply towards meeting the minimum spend amount.

4. Only one (1) Birthday E-Voucher can be used per transaction and is not redeemable for cash.

5. Birthday E-Voucher is not for resale and non-transferable.

6. Birthday E-Voucher is valid for use in the Participating Outlets within Malaysia only and is not valid with any other rebate redemption, promotions, coupons, vouchers, discounts or in-store offers.

7. Chaswood reserves the right to suspend, terminate, amend or withdraw the Birthday E-Voucher privilege at any time and from time to time as it deems fit at its absolute discretion with or without prior notification.

Privacy Protection

1. Chaswood is committed to maintaining the security of the Members’ personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and will take all necessary reasonable steps to ensure that the Members’ personal data is secured against unauthorized access, loss, disclosure or destruction.

2. Chaswood reserves the right to use the database information for the purposes (“Purposes”) of:

i. verifying the identity of the applicants of POS Card or the Members;
ii. managing and improving the POS Card;
iii. managing, operating and maintaining the Member’s account;
iv. carrying out analysis and research for service and product improvement;
v. managing promotions, competitions, customer surveys and questionnaires;
vi. communicating with or to the Members;
vii. preventing or detecting crime or fraud;
viii. disclosing such information as required by law or other legally enforceable rules, regulations, codes or guidelines.

3. Unless you indicate otherwise, Chaswood may contact the Members for:

i. offers and information about Chaswood’s products or services, including products and services distributed by Chaswood through its subsidiaries, associates, strategic alliances, business partners, or third party consultants (“Affiliates”); and
ii. customer analysis e.g. to help improve our services.

4. In the event the Member has indicated that he/she does not want to receive marketing information from Chaswood and Affiliates, this may cause the Members to miss out from receiving offers or promotions that may be of interest to the Members.

5. The Members’ personal data may be disclosed to Affiliates, service providers and relevant third party business partners of Chaswood for the Purposes as provided herein and as permitted by applicable data privacy laws. Those third parties may have access to the Members’ personal data only as necessary to perform their functions, and not for any other purposes.

6. Members may request for access to or correction of the personal data, submit inquiries or complaints, or limit the processing of the personal data at any time hereafter by submitting such request to Chaswood via e-mail to: pinchofsalt@chaswood.com.my or by contacting +603 7727 2257. Members must notify Chaswood immediately of any change to their personal details. Chaswood cannot be held responsible to Members for any loss as a result of out of date details.

7. By providing personal data and submitting the application for POS Card including signature, the Members expressly consent and agree to the Terms and Conditions with respect to the processing of their personal data by Chaswood.

8. The POS Card Terms and Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with laws of Malaysia and Members shall hereby expressly submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Malaysia.

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